Responsibility and freedom are two sides of the same coin

They need each other. Both are fundamental aspects of modern societies - and both are requirements of modern organizational development and leadership.
We are living in turbulent times

Among the challenges confronting us are the refugee situation; global interdependencies; social inequality and injustice; the diversity of humankind and our divergent values and ideologies; climate change; digitalization; the selective use of information; fake news; terrorism. We encounter them both in our private lives and in the roles we play in organizations and institutions.

Given such contentious contexts, how can individuals live up to their responsibilities? How can freedom be safeguarded? What significance does power have in the process? What is “a good life”, and how can we organize collectively? And what does all this mean for the development and leadership of organizations and businesses?

These are among the questions that drive me, and I seek answers to them in my various fields of activity - both in theory and in practice. They are the focus of my research, my teaching, and my consulting.

If these topics - or related issues - are of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sincerely yours,
Matthias Schmidt


Range and limitations of corporate responsibility
Perspektiven für eine werteorientierte Organisationsentwicklung und Führung (2016)