Discourse as a medium for illumination and assessment of interrelationships

The increasing complexity of the economic, social, and technological interrelationships in which we live and work inevitably results in a growing need for orientation and background knowledge. Individuals and institutions are challenged with the requirement to take a stance vis-à-vis the volatile and controversial issues of our time.

In my lectures, my participation in panel discussions, and my involvement in advisory and working groups, I strive to shed light on highly charged issues, promote deliberation on the responsibilities they entail, and help generate solutions.

The implications for topical, responsible management - as well as for individual managers - can be derived from fundamental questions regarding responsibility and strategic organizational leadership and development. Insights gained in the questioning process can be applied effectively to a range of concrete situations: for example solving problems associated with the influx of refugees, meeting challenges posed by digitalization, and resolving issues linked to companies’ core responsibilities.


I view the generation of stimuli for discussion and effective action as a crucial aspect of my professional endeavors. Among the contexts in which I undertake my efforts are as the patron oft the CSRcamp; through participation in the Bertelsmann Foundation’sExpert Group for Regions, the Economy and Society; in the development of the Charter of Digital Networking; as a member of the Advisory Board of theYouth Academy of the Evangelical Academy of the Germany’s Palatinate region; and as head of Berlin's Beuth University of Applied Sciences' Refugees Welcome Project.