The leadership and development of organizations constitute a never-ending challenge

The current world situation, characterized by international turmoil and an ambiguous future, renders effective management particularly difficult. Linear planning simply doesn’t work. There’s no such thing as simple answers for complex questions. The pressure – and the requirement to be socially responsible – demand that executives and companies possess knowledge and perspicacity that transcend mere business skills.

For more than two decades, I have been involved in the processes of research and problem solving related to issues of corporate ethics and the strategic management and development of organizations. In consulting projects and sparring sessions, as well as in management functions, my expertise has proven beneficial in fulfilling the concrete requirements of a wide range of organizations: major firms listed in Germany’s DAX index, medium-sized business groups, and small companies; private and public organizations; as well as associations, schools and universities, German government ministries, and consulting firms – and not least for individuals in leadership sparring sessions.


I usually conduct consultations, mentoring, and sparring sessions in conjunction with my Institute for Values-Oriented Management (IWU Berlin) aus.