Normative and strategic questions must be integrally linked to one another

Orientational knowledge and the significance of the social and ecological embedding of organizations are at least as important for modern corporate management and organizational development as classical economic and strategic insights, expertise, and theories.

This applies at the organizational level since members must be empowered to think and act responsibly and effectively. It also holds true at the individual level, where discernment that integrates a vigorously ethical perspective into corporate decisions is required.

In my lectures, seminars, and tutorials, I take these demands into account. In the process, normative (ethical) aspects of corporate governance and development are dovetailed with the fundamentals and practices of strategic management. Current societal discourses, vis-à-vis which organizations of all kinds have to find their own stance, and for which they have to take commensurate responsibility, are as relevant here as furthering students’ and managers’ argumentational abilities.


My research activities focus on responsibility - organizational responsibility in particular. My approach scrutinizes these from a holistic-systemic perspective that interprets companies as elements woven into complex and dynamic environments. Diverse and pluralistic values systems, such those particularly characteristic of contemporary societies and economies, deserve special attention. Therefore, I investigate the limits of responsibility as well as its scope.

My teaching and research activities are undertaken as a professor of business management at Berlin’s Beuth University of Applied Sciences, as an organizer of the Transatlantic Doctoral Academy for Economics, Ethics, and Society, as an associate member of the Göttingen'sGeorg-August-Universität and as a cooperation partner of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil.